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Death of Brother Daniel SSF

Death of Brother Daniel SSF

By admin in Latest News on September 27, 2021

With great sadness we share the news that Brother Daniel SSF died this morning, 27th September, in Brisbane. He was 85 years of age.
Daniel joined SSF in the UK, was received as a novice on June 5th 1964, and made his first profession on the 24th February 1967 at Hilfield. He then made his life profession at Koki in Papua New Guinea on 30th March 1970. He was one of the founding group of four brothers to open a friary in Solomon Islands later in 1970.
Later, after theological studies at Bishop Patteson Theological College, he was ordained deacon on December 9th 1973 and priest on September 29th 1974. He was transferred to New Zealand in 1983, and later to Australia where he was at the friary in Windale, Newcastle, and then the Brisbane friary.
Daniel held many leadership positions in his years with SSF, including Minister Provincial of the (then) Australia New Zealand Province (1987 – 1997), and Minister General (1997 – 2007).
May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
2021 Annual Brothers’ Chapter Meets at Hilfield

2021 Annual Brothers’ Chapter Meets at Hilfield

By admin in Latest News on September 23, 2021

The Annual Brothers’ Chapter (ABC) has just concluded at Hilfield. This year’s ABC focused on the themes of reunion and renewal after a long period of separation.

Simon Cocksedge TSSF led sessions on well-being and mental health in the context of the Covid pandemic. Brothers also shared their experiences and other topics with one another, in addition to the regular business of the Chapter.

The ashes of Anselm SSF and Raymond Christian SSF were interred in the cemetery, and the brothers also visited the extraordinary Shire Hall Museum in Dorchester, site of the conviction of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.


Requiem for Helen Julian CSF 14th October

Requiem for Helen Julian CSF 14th October

By admin in Latest News on September 18, 2021

Sister Helen Julian died on 22nd August, aged 66. She had been in Profession for 33 years and had served as CSF’s Minister General since 2012. She had cancer and sadly was expected to live only a few months more, but in the event she died very suddenly whilst visiting a relative.
There was a small family funeral in Edinburgh on 9th September.
CSF has arranged a Requiem on Thursday 14th October at 2pm at Southwark Cathedral, with Bishop Christopher Chessun, our Bishop Protector, presiding at the Eucharist.
Light refreshments will be served after the service.
All are very welcome to attend, and those planning to be present are asked to notify Sister Sue on as soon as possible, so that we have an idea of numbers.
Southwark Anglican Cathedral is adjacent to London Bridge.
The service will be livestreamed and details will be published on our website and Facebook page when available.
Preparing For The 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP26)

Preparing For The 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP26)

By admin in Latest News on September 15, 2021

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is fast approaching. It will be held in Glasgow from Sunday 31st October until Friday 12th November.
Earlier this year, the Archbishop of Canterbury addressed an international group of faith leaders and declared:
“I speak as a Christian. Jesus teaches us that there are no greater commandments than to love God and love our neighbour. To abide by those commandments as a Christian today is to step up to the challenge of climate change and connected environmental crises.
The Society of Saint Francis stands firmly with fellow Christians and peoples of all faiths and none in our commitment to tackling the disastrous threats of Climate Change. We have committed ourselves to a target of carbon neutrality by 2030 and are curently taking the practical steps to make this happen. We also plan to have a presence in Glasgow during the conference.
If you are wondering how you might be able to help make a difference in the run-up to COP 26, you might wish to draw upon the prayerful and practical resources offered by groups such as:
We are all being encouraged to write to our MPs ahead of the conference, in order to make our voices heard. here is a handy link giving advice and tips on how best to do this:
Worldwide First Order Chapter Update

Worldwide First Order Chapter Update

By admin in Latest News on September 13, 2021

Sisters and brothers from every province of SSF around the world are continuing to meet on Zoom for 2 hours most days for the First Order Chapter – meeting all together, sometimes in different small groups, and a couple of times with sisters and brothers meeting separately.
As well as the necessary business, sharing of news, and mutual encouragement, there has been some brilliant expert input from others:
Dr Cathy Ross is a leading missiologist working for the Church Mission Society. She reflected on Mission in a Post Pandemic world, emphasising the importance of imaginative thinking.
Garth Blake SC is an experienced Australian barrister who chairs the Anglican Communion Safe Church Commission. He provided a useful presentation on Safeguarding from a world-wide perspective.
Chapter meetings will continue until Wednesday.
Enquirers Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Enquirers Pilgrimage to Walsingham

By admin in Latest News on September 6, 2021

Finnian and Tobias have been at Walsingham for the past few days, with a group of friends and enquirers. The pilgrimage has consisted of lots of prayer and worship, shared meals, discussions, plus a lovely ecumenical walk which took in both the Anglican and Roman Catholic shrines, and Saint Seraphim’s Orthodox church.

September Issue of Franciscan Magazine Now Available

September Issue of Franciscan Magazine Now Available

By admin in Latest News on September 1, 2021

The latest issue of Franciscan Magazine is now available! This edition is focused on “Virtual Church”, looking at how the past eighteen months have caused profound changes in the way that we interact with one another.
We look at both the advantages and disadvantages of these new methods of being Church. Does the technology liberate or limit us? Is it inclusive or exclusive? Can we be dispersed yet unified at the same time?
Other items include four different experiences of “Significant Places” and how they have impacted vocation and spirituality, a double-page spread on film and faith, plus a look at the Rule of saint Francis from 1221, eight hundred years on.
Copies and subscriptions are available via our Franciscan Magazine page.
International SSF Gatherings in September… by Zoom!

International SSF Gatherings in September… by Zoom!

By admin in Latest News on August 31, 2021

A programme of on-line international meetings has been planned for two weeks in early September  for two dozen of our Anglican Franciscan CSF sisters and SSF brothers. Our First Order Chapters include  the Minister Provincial and one other elected representative from each province of sisters and brothers throughout the world, with the two Ministers General and two General Secretaries.  The Ministers also have their own meetings before and after the Chapter.  Originally planned for September 2020 in Australia, and postponed to 2021, these meetings have since been re-scheduled on-line.   Sisters and brothers in the UK, USA and Korea, will be will take part,  with  brothers in The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Australia.  Because of the need to co-ordinate far flung time zones most of the meetings will begin at 6am UK time! 

In addition to prayers for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we would welcome prayer for the smooth working of the technology, especially as some of our brothers live in places where electricity and internet connectivity are not readily available.  At previous  First Order Chapters gathered in person, the experience of living in community together, with shared worship, meals, and relaxation as well as the scheduled meetings and impromptu conversations, has been a key part of the experience.  Sadly this is impossible in the context of the on-going pandemic,  but like so many others we are thankful for the technology and planning which will enable us to both see and hear each other as we meet together on-line from far-flung and diverse locations, to reflect on aspects of our life and work and make necessary decisions.  

Franciscans at Prospect Farm Gathering

Franciscans at Prospect Farm Gathering

By admin in Latest News on August 28, 2021

The full Greenbelt festival may have been cancelled, but the Prospect Farm gathering is proving to be a great alternative.
Karen Russell TSSF, Jan Doyle TSSF, Hugh SSF, Hilda Mary CSC Maureen CSF are pictured here at the end of the first set of days at Prospect Farm. Hugh and Maureen remain and three more tertiaries will join them from this weekend until Monday.
Do come and say hello if you are “on the farm”! Their location is marked on the site plan as “Chapel”.
Death of Helen Julian CSF

Death of Helen Julian CSF

By admin in Latest News on August 24, 2021

It is with much sadness that we announce the death of our former Minister General, Helen Julian CSF. She had been suffering from cancer for some time and passed away at the weekend.
Helen Julian was a gifted writer, the author of several books about Christian faith and Franciscan spirituality. Her works include ‘Living the Gospel’, ‘Franciscan Footprints’ and ‘The Lindisfarne Icon – St Cuthbert and the 21st century’.
As you remember Helen Julian in prayer, please also pray for her family. This is the family’s second bereavement, following the death of Helen’s mother early last year