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SSF Plaistow Welcomes the Community of Saint Anselm

SSF Plaistow Welcomes the Community of Saint Anselm

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The brothers at Plaistow were visited today by members of the Community of Saint Anselm. CoSA is based at Lambeth Palace and offers a one-year experience of monastic life for people aged 20-35.

Samuel and Tobias spoke about the many years of Franciscan witness in East London and the varied forms of ministry which we have today. Lunch was shared, followed by a visit to the parish of Saint Martin’s in Newham. Father Marco Lopes explained about the growth of Spanish, Portuguese and English-speaking congregations at the church, and the ensuing discussion focused on the importance of inclusive youth ministry.

Connections between SSF and CoSA have been developing for several years now, and it was great to share dialogue and insights with young people from all over the world.