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SSF Brothers Renew Franciscan Connections in Sweden

SSF Brothers Renew Franciscan Connections in Sweden

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Micael Christoffer, David and Tobias are in Sweden for a couple of weeks, meeting with various groups to celebrate the links between SSF and the Church of Sweden.

Here they are at Finnåkers kursgård, a retreat centre in the diocese of Västerås, pictured with Bishop Mikael Mogren and representatives from the diocese.

Destinations have included the delightful town of Arboga, where a special Mass was held in a church first established by Franciscans in the 13th Century.

The brothers then travelled north to the town of Rättvik, where an SSF presence was first established by Father Hugh SSF in the 1960s (pictured).

Now they are in the diocese of Skara, meeting local church and community groups for a number of days. Their visit will conclude with several days at Klaradals kloster, a Franciscan convent near Gothenburg. They will be meeting local members of the Third Order and prayerfully reflecting on the new connections that have been made.