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Alnmouth Friary hosts Arts Festival event

Alnmouth Friary hosts Arts Festival event

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For the first time Alnmouth friary hosted part of the Alnmouth Arts Weekend (June 16-18). The arts festival started in 2005 and has grown to hosting 50 artists in different locations around Alnmouth village. This year Alnmouth friary hosted 17 artists, who sold their wares.

The brothers along with a small team of volunteers served tea, coffee and cake alongside running a book and plant stall. We offered hospitality and a listening ear as well. Over 1,000 passed through the friary over the weekend. 

A lot of local people had never been into the friary before so it was a great way to get to know the local community. People marvelled at Alnmouth friary gardens and the view from the library window. Guests kept on saying how peaceful the friary was and how they’d like to come back. Out of the weekend we’ve already seen fruit, some people have made retreat inquiries, and others have popped around for a chat. 

Afternoon Tea in the Alnmouth Friary Gardens Alnmouth Friary Library Alnmouth Friary with brothers Jason and Vincent Alnmouth Friary Alnmouth Friary Library