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London Houses

London Houses

Balaam Street & Crofton Road, Plaistow (SSF)
The brothers in Plaistow work with several organisations in the area. We pray that through our continued witness in the locality that we will be able to open our lives to people who are otherwise ignored or marginalised and to share the joy of the Franciscan charism. To contact the brothers click here.

Southwark CSF – St Alphege Clergy House, Pocock Street.

The community at Southwark, called the Oratory of St Alphege, is an intentional community of three sisters of the First Order of the Society of St Francis (the Community of St Francis), together with two others who are commit themselves to share in the Franciscan life and work of the house for a limited period of time. The life of the Oratory (‘oratory’ means ‘a place of prayer’) is centred on prayer, with ministries of spiritual accompaniment, hospitality and outside paid and voluntary work. The location in central London and the space available makes it a convenient day meeting venue for groups of up to twenty people. Individuals desiring a quiet day for prayer or study are welcome. There are two guest rooms. Southwark offers retreat and guest accommodation – click here for more information
New chapel at Southwark House
(above top to bottom) Front of the House in Southwark, The Entrance Porch, The New Chapel

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