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RIP – Brother Arnold SSF

Brother Arnold SSF died on Friday 17th August, at around Midday.  He had been in hospital several times over the last few months, and eventually died at St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, London. He was 92 years old, and in the 62nd year of his profession as a religious. other Arnold had been a member of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross at Peckham in South London. When the Brotherhood closed after the death of its founder and leader, George Potter, three of its remaining members transferred to the First Order of the Society of St Francis in the early sixties. Arnold was one of these along with Giles Dawson and Nicholas. At the same time he finished his preparatory studies to be ordained priest. He is the last of the three to die. He had a great concern for the under-privileged people of British society and identified himself with them. In SSF he had served in St Francis School Hooke; in the Gillott Road, Birmingham house, and for a long time at the Friary of the Divine Compassion, Plaistow. He has had a great ability to get alongside people and to listen to their fears and worries.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.