Festivals/Seasons & Holy Days

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Seasons, festivals and holy days

Below are the links to the seasons, festivals and major holy days information pages. The background colour of the individual pages will reflect the liturgical colour associated with that day or season. These pages also provide images, music and Francican quotes for meditation.

Advent Sunday
All Saints Day
Ascension Day
Ash Wednesday
Baptism of Christ
Birth of John the Baptist
Blessed Virgin Mary
Christ the King
Christmas Day
Corpus Christi
Easter Day
Feast of Clare of Assisi
Feast of Francis of Assisi
Feast of the Epiphany
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
Holy Week
Maundy Thursday
Naming & Circumcision Jesus
Palm Sunday
Season of Advent
Season of Epiphany
Season of Lent
The Annunciation
Trinity Sunday

The texts of the Franciscan Eucharist Supplement compiled by Sr Joyce CSF are available in A4 format here and A5 booklet format here.