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Holy Week

Holy Week is the most important week of the Christian year.

The liturgy of Holy Week is like a symphony with its different movements, or a drama with its several acts. We can gain something from being attentive to one movement or one act, but for the full impact we need to be present for the whole work.

Holy Week gives us an opportunity to be in touch with the roots of our faith. We are part of the story as it unfolds. Holy Week is an opportunity to be with Christ in his suffering. It is also an invitation to be with Him with our pain and brokenness and that of the world – bringing our woundedness and darkness to the cross of Christ. In a given year we may well find that either Jesus’ suffering or ours may need to be uppermost in our consciousness

Turned towards Jerusalem

Cross and Thorns

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Music for reflection:
Angel of the Agony from ‘The Company of Angels’
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