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Feast Day – Francis of Assisi

Turning from a life of indulgence as the son of a rich merchant, Francis sought God’s will for his life. The message of the gospel touched his soul and a fire was ignited in his heart. He knew that he had to adopt the way of life he had heard described and so, filled with a spirit of joy, he clothed himself in a simple tunic, exchanged his purse and belt for a rope, removed his shoes and threw away his staff.

There was no one to tell me what I should do, but the Most High himself made it clear to me that I must live the life of the Gospel’.

He died on October 3rd 1226 and as he died a great light was seen over Mount Subasio, near Assisi. He leaves us with this light and the words, “I have done what was mine to do; may Christ teach you what you are to do”.

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The Stigmata
Music for reflection:Most Holy Father from ‘We Adore You’ by Briege O’ Hare

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