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Easter day

Today is EASTER DAY— a day of unparalled joy as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, his triumph over death.



Easter day traditionally begins with its vigil, its service of light and its celebration of both baptism and the Eucharist. And it is through this liturgy that we are able to see most clearly the Salvation of God at work in human history, to engage with the victory of light over darkness and life over death, to make the connections between our baptism and the experience of Christ, going down into death, but bursting from the tomb, and to know the deep communion of being re-united with our risen Lord.

A fire newly kindled symbolises the elemental creative power of God in raising Jesus, the Light of the world. The new Paschal or Easter candle is marked with the traditional symbols:

  • the cross – the symbol of life and death;
  • the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet alpha and omega – a reminder that Christ is the beginning and the end of all things;
  • the numerals of the current year – a reminder that the Lord of all ages is present here and now;
  • the five nails, representing grains of incense symbolising the wounds of Christ.

The candle is blessed using holy water and incense, and carried in procession into the church, the worshippers following, each with a candle lit from the Easter candle and singing of the light of Christ.There follows a traditional Easter song of praise, then the singing of the ‘Glory to God in the highest’. During the Liturgy it is traditional to renew our baptismal vows before celebrating the Easter Eucharist.


Music for reflection: Angel of the Resurrection from ‘The Company of Angels’ by Briege O’ Hare Copyright: Hermitage Productions (used with permission)

The Angel Rolls the Stone Away © Sr Mary Stephen CRSSCopyright Administration: McCrimmons Publishing Co. Ltd

(used with permission)