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Christ the King

The Feast of Christ the King is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Christian year. It is the point at which we contemplate what we mean by God’s kingdom, and what sort of king we beleive Jesus to be.

In speaking of Christ the King we need to be thinking of images of God that speak of relationship, co-operation, inter-dependence, rather than authority and hierarchy. Jesus says: ‘My Kingdom is not from this world’. His Kingdom is not a place in which tyranny reigns and opposition is put down by force – but is a place where love and humility prevail.

Jesus did not come to exercise a temporal and social power, He came to reveal the truth of the God of love and the Love of God.

This is a king who does not seek an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. His kingdom is based on love and compassion, on peace and goodwill, on justice and integrity, on opportunities to change and a willingness to forgive. This is the king of love who wants to communicate his love in and through his weakness and vulnerability. This is the King who became one with us, who identifies with us in our daily lives, in the journey of our faith – this is the King who meets us where we are and who walks with us each step of the way – this is the King who walked the way of humility.

‘O marvellous humility, O astonishing poverty! The King of the angels, the Lord of heaven and earth, Is laid in a manger!’

(Fourth Letter to Agnes of Prague, by Saint Clare)


Servant King