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There is a note of triumph that pervades the church at Ascensiontide. It is these triumphs of Christianity that we need to celebrate at this time; the assurance of grace and forgiveness, the glories of church architecture, sculpture and art, the witness of the Church against oppression, the holiness of the saints and the innumerable instances of Christian heroism and courage. We cannot tell how many daily acts of kindness stem from the Christian faith.

This season from Ascension Day to Pentecost is closely connected with the theme of mission, as the disciples are commissioned to continue Christ’s work and as they await the promise of the Holy Spirit. Ascension and Pentecost are closely linked. The risen Lord is no longer present in his earthly body, and his Church, now commissioned as the new body of Christ, is enabled to carry out its work through the gift and power of the Holy Spirit, which in the Lukan accounts is given on the day of Pentecost.

Music for reflection: The Grail Prayer from ‘Fire of Love’ by Margaret Rizza
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