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All saints day

This feast celebrates the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of holy men and women both known and unknown.

The New Testament speaks of ‘the saints,’ the ‘holy ones’; these are the saints of the whole community of the Church (Eph 1: 15-17). The saints are those who are part of the community of the people. They are the living Church, not exclusively those who have died. And the sinners are right there among the saints. They are holy ones, not because they are particularly good, but because they have been blessed by God, sharing ‘the riches of his glorious inheritance among the saints’ (Eph 1:18).


Music for reflection:
We adore you, Lord Jesus Christ
sung by the community of Taizé from ‘Joy on Earth’
Music: Taizé. © Ateliers de Presses de Taizé, France (used with permission)