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Sister Beverley takes part in a training day for college students

Sister Beverley takes part in a training day for college students who were undertaking a Catalyst Bronze level leadership course

On Wednesday 19th June Sister Beverley was one of four ‘faith practitioners’ (representatives from the Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Sikh faiths) who took part in a course for students run by St Philip’s Centre (who run courses to educate and promote understanding between the different faith groups).

The students attended from Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College. They had prepared questions around issues of interest and concern which they brought to ask each of the 4 faith advocates. As the students gathered in small groups, each advocate had twenty minutes to answer the questions, and then moved onto the next group.

This was a very intensive, lively and thought provoking event, and was the first time that I had taken part in these training sessions. Living in the heart of the city of Leicester I am surrounded by neighbours of different nationalities and faiths. So it was a privilege to take part in a workshop that made me share the Christian faith and challenged me to explain the mysteries such as the Trinity! and ‘what did I think about the question of gay marriage’? to name just two of the many questions that occurred.