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Pilgrimage for the Millenium of the Martyrdom of St. Alphege

Sr Sue leading the way.

Sr Gina on pilgrimage

On 19th April Sue, Gina and Joyce, the CSF sisters at the Oratory of St. Alphege in Southwark were glad to take part in a pilgrimage to mark the millenium of St. Alphege’s martyrdom in 1012.  In the morning Sue presided and preached at a eucharist in the former St. Alphege Church Hall,  next door to the Franciscan house in Southwark.  Then Sue and Gina made the pilgrimage on foot from Southwark to Greenwich, beginning with a service in Southwark Cathedral.  Joyce, recovering from a leg injury, travelled to Greenwich by bus, and participated in the eucharist at St. Alfege’s Church Greenwich, at which the Archbishop of Canterbury presided and preached.