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JPIC Linking Day 2012

Ann Hussey TSSF, Hugh SSF and Jenny Tee CSF were at the recent Justice and Peace Linking Day in London. The morning was spent reviewing progress on the Millennium Goals, including some heartening good news alongside the bad news!

Sr Gillian Price inspired us with the Global Poverty Project, an energetic drive to eradicate the extreme poverty of the 1.4bn who live on less than £1 a day. ( The afternoon brought us a refresher on Climate Change and the changes we need to make, especially towards just ways of tackling carbon levels. Alex Scrivener, from the World Development Movement, explained the concept of ‘climate debt’ that the developed world owe to the developing world.

During the day we were able to catch up with what other religious communities are doing in the area of Justice and Peace.

Ann (second left) and Jenny Tee (right) as part of a discussion group

Hugh, Ann and Jenny Tee in discussion