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Chris CSF

Chris CSF
Sr Chris has now moved from the house in Whitechapel where she was living when she wrote about her day, but continues her work with deafblind people from another house in the east of London.

7am and we file into Chapel for private prayer followed by Morning Prayer and then the Eucharist. At 9am, my work mobile begins to buzz with incoming calls. A Social Worker wants to talk about a client in Richmond-upon-Thames. Another call comes from a young lady needing a tactile alarm clock. At 9.30 I make my way to Whitechapel Station waving to the Bangladeshi man from the corner shop and the homeless people gathered at the Whitechapel Mission.

Two tubes take me to Stratford where I meet Ronnie for a 3 hour shopping trip. Ronnie is totally deafblind; he receives fast communication on his hand, and being a passionate shopper, he demands every detail. Walking slowly along the aisles, we pause frequently as I describe the merchandise and Ronnie feels it before tossing an item into his wire basket.

Having left Ronnie at 1pm, I grab a sandwich en route to an elderly lady in Tower Hamlets. Her front door is warped and battered, the mat curling dangerously, and the stair rail hanging loose. But Social Services are on to it! My job is to fill in a 40 page benefit form, and because of communication problems, I know I’ll be here for at least 4 hours.

6pm approaches and I arrive home just in time for Evening Prayer. Private Prayer follows and then supper. At 8pm, I watch as 26 emails cascade into my computer. Unfortunately, they all need answering! I have to report on today’s work as well. Compline closes the day at 9pm, but my day never quite finishes on time!