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Clark Berge SSF

Br Clark Berge SSF, of the Province of the Americas, wrote about trying to keep the balance of work, study and prayer.



Clarke Berge

Part of my attraction to the religious life was that I would have guaranteed time for prayer. What I have discovered is that I have to make a conscious decision to pray. I can’t remember ever rejecting God or prayer, but I vividly recall deferring prayer, saying I’d get to it later, for whatever reason. A few years ago I lost extra weight by choosing how much to eat and to get more exercise, although for most of my life I have resisted the advice of anyone who tried to influence what I ate or how much exercise I got. Discipline is a choice; I have to choose to develop a desire to pray or connect with God when I lose the thread of my prayer life. There have been times when I’ve fooled myself into thinking that the daily office and mass were a rich prayer life, but without an inner desire for God the rituals only cloak a growing emptiness.

My prayer life seems to consist of discovering the same truths  over and over again, asking God for help, over and over again.
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