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St Edwold’s Hermitage.



When the new hermitage at the Friary, constructed this summer by Jonathan, Nick, Alex and other friends, was dedicated by Bishop Nicholas of Salisbury at the Stigmata Festival in September the building was named after St Edwold of Cerne. Little is known of this Saxon saint except that he was the brother of Edmund, the Christian King of the East Saxons, murdered by the Vikings in the 9th Century and buried at St Edmundsbury, and that he lived as a hermit in the neighbourhood of Cerne sometime towards the end of the ninth century. Although Franciscans are usually known for being out and about ‘in the world’, there is also a long tradition, going back to the time of St Francis, of brothers and sisters spending periods of time dedicated to prayer and solitude. St Edwold’s Hermitage at the Friary provides a space apart from the normal Friary life where members of the Community can go for times of prayer, stillness and reflection – a great blessing!

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