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Leading Like Francis: building God’s house – Carl Koch

Carl Koch

Leading like Francis: building God’s house

ISBN: 9781 5654 8575 4

New City Press, NY, 2014,128 pp, £9.95

Taking the insights and teachings of Robert Greenleaf on Servant Leadership, Koch shows how both St. Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis exemplify servant leadership strengths. He examines the skills of listening, empathy, healing, inclusion, looking ahead and being a good steward through the teachings and examples of the two great Francises, lovers of Jesus.

Drawing on diverse Franciscan sources, Koch roots the teachings of servant leadership in various stories and documents, showing that these teachings can help us live out the way of St. Francis in practical, life-giving ways.

The book is written in easy to understand language and there are lots of ordinary examples of these leadership skills being used by parents, students, religious leaders and business leaders. Servant leadership is universally effective. As Koch says in his introduction: ‘Servant leadership is not only affectively and ethically right, but effective in moving people and organizations toward fulfilment of their mission’.

One of the best features of the book, is that in each chapter exercises are included  that help the reader to develop servant leadership skills. Readers are helped to move from theoretical insights to practical applications that show how easy and how radical the way of being a servant leader can be.

This book is highly recommended and can be very useful in working with leadership training, if you want something creative, practical and deeply in tune with your deepest spiritual convictions as an admirer or follower of St. Francis.

Clark Berge SSF