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Patricia Jordan FSM – Francis and Thérèse: Great ‘Little Saints.’

Patricia Jordan FSM

Francis and Thérèse: Great ‘Little’ Saints

ISBN: 9780 8524 4797 0

Gracewing, 2012, pp.212, £9.99

This is an original book: the first full-length parallel study of those most popular saints, Francis of Assisi and Thérèse of Lisieux. It takes us through the lives of two people born nearly 700 years apart yet who share many similarities in attitudes and aspirations, as well as a backdrop of political and social unrest in their respective centuries. Love and suffering, humility and poverty, a love of the Eucharist and of the word of God, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary; these are the leif motifs running through these two lives. Patricia Jordan interweaves short sections on Francis or Thérèse with comparative commentary. Each chapter ends with a short reflection to challenge and inspire the reader to further meditation and prayer. The book is well-documented with the various illustrative quotations skilfully integrated into an easily readable narrative. Highly recommended. 

Susan Elisabeth, OSC