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Gianluigi Pasquale OFM Cap. (Ed) Day by Day with St Francis

Gianluigi Pasquale OFM Cap. (Ed)

Day by day with St Francis

ISBN: 9781 9050 3916 6

New City, London, 2012, 510 pp, £14.95

Comprised of extracts from the three volumes of ‘Francis of Assisi: Early documents’, this little hard backed book is designed for daily reading in order that one might get to know the saint better. Although occasionally they run over several pages, most are quite short, so lend themselves to a brief space at lunchtime or morning break, if a dedicated time can’t be found in the day. Some of the stories are from less commonly quoted sources, such as a letter attributed to Elias of Assisi to describe something of Francis’ death, on 4 October. There is no commentary at all to them, allowing the stories to speak for themselves.

On the whole, the choice of extracts appears to be random, apart from sometimes marking a significant date in the Franciscan calendar, for those with enough knowledge to spot the connection.

It is a plain but well-presented book, and would suit those who like the idea of ‘dipping into’ a story, rather than following it in more logical sequence.

Maureen CSF