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Johann Christoph Arnold is a senior pastor of an international community called Bruderhof, basing its way of life on the practise of the early Christians of the Patristic period. This book follows in the footsteps of previous works by Arnold on subjects such as forgiveness and hope.

What do we mean when we think about the word ‘peace’? For some it may mean some time away from the chaos of their everyday lives. For others it could be defined as simply the absence of noise or violence.  This book explores the elusive concept of peace and the many different ways we have throughout history, searched after its varied interpretations. The author uses powerful first-hand testimonies from, amongst others, representatives of his own community. These are rarely sentimental, but instead elicit a raw honesty, holding up a mirror to those who search or campaign for peace, but who often do not define what exactly it is they are pursuing, let alone how to go about finding it.

The book is divided into five sections, the strongest of which is called ‘Stepping Stones’ which invites the reader to examine the eternal riddles of humankind through short essays on subjects including trust, honesty and repentance. This book ultimately commands honesty with ourselves, which was at times quite uncomfortable during my first reading, as I gradually realised just how far away I was from the true peace Arnold is guiding us towards.

I would have preferred that the essay on ‘Prayer’ could have been more prominent and extensive, and I am in no doubt this book in isolation will not resolve the countless cases of ‘unpeace’ in the world, but if absorbed and acted upon, it should at the very least encourage a more thoughtful approach on how we think about and define “peace”.


                                                                                                                     Peter Aidan nSSF