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This short book is above all about the Jesus of history, about a man from Nazareth who was formed and influenced by, but in time challenged, the particular world in which he grew up.  As co-chair for many years of the Jesus Seminar and an academic involved in the formation of Ordinands, David Bryan brings the fruit of up to date scholarly insights about the geographical, political, social and spiritual realities of that world and what it might have been like to inhabit it, in turn informed by his reflections on his own experiences of modern Israel.   But this is also very much about the Jesus of faith, about the author’s passionate desire to bring his readers a fresh understanding of who Jesus was and is as they seek to follow him, and about the difference Jesus still wants to make through his followers to our world today.


‘Questions for reflection or discussion’ are provided throughout the book which help to make those connections and the book would certainly be suitable for a group to use in a Lent course although, despite the subtitle, it could really be used at any time of year.  Photographs, partly from the author’s own travels, and maps, also add to the comprehension although I had a little difficulty relating the map of Galilee to the comments in the text and the absence of a map scale didn’t help.


Desmond Alban SSF