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Chris Hudson

What Price Peace? A teaching resource for primary schools

exploring issues of war and peace

ISBN: 9781 8410 1691 7

BRF, Abingdon, 2014, £8.99

This Barnabas in Schools book is right in time. It will make it possible for primary school children to take part in the centenary of the First World War. It is a time when we can ask: What does it mean to be British? Is war ever justified? Why should we support our troops? What should we do for the victims and survivors of war? How do we make peace? Is God ever on anyone’s side? Teachers get resources to work with subjects like: Is war right?; Recruiting, who is responsible?; Truth, rumours and myth; Keeping sanity, normality and humanity in all the misery through art, friendship and poetry; People in war who don’t take active part in the fights (chaplains and medical teams); Those who refuse to go to war; Peace making; Remembrance.

The book includes ten units to work with, each of which gives the teacher in RE, History, Literacy, and PSHE/Citizenship a background to the subject for the unit, a true story from the war and suggestions of how to work with the children. The suggestions are divided into two age groups: 5-7 and 8-11, and each unit ends with a prayer and thought for the day. You also get information about how to use the internet. To end this interesting and in some ways provocative book you are guided in how you can lead three assemblies. This book gives you a good opportunity to talk about war and peace in general and all its complications, but the focus is the First World War.

Micael Christoffer SSF