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Ian Adams

Running over Rocks – Spiritual practices to transform tough times

ISBN: 9781 8482 5168 7

Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2013, 160pp £14.99

In youthful adventure I guess we would all have run joyfully over the rocks on the beach, and later in life, perhaps we find we need to take greater care how we scramble! This image offers the basic theme for Ian Adams’ sharing of an encounter with God, with creation and with ourselves. This he neatly places into 52 short chapters. Use one a week and really attend to his recommended ‘practices’, or read the book straight through gleaning insights and praying through challenges. He masterfully identifies those core human challenges for one who is searching and yearning for material that will harvest goodness in the world and make us more truly human.

I found this a genius of a book and so attractively and compellingly thought out: each chapter includes a poem twinned with a saying of Jesus, some narrative to encourage or challenge our Christian response to the Gospel, accompanied by a photo symbol, and ending with practical suggestions for incorporating the Gospel into our daily lives. All these thoughtful ideas I found relevant to my journey into Christ as he blends these sayings of Jesus with strong codicils of positive and persuasive initiatives. This lovely book offers wholesome food, and deserves a full period of digestion and a transforming conclusion. He is really serious about making progress in our inner being as we encounter all sorts of rocks and as we become more aware of ourselves and sensitive to the call of the Gospel.

Damian SSF