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Jonathan Lawson & Gordon Mursell

Hearing the Call – Stories of young vocation

ISBN: 9780 2810 7060 2

SPCK, 2014, 118pp, £9.99

In this short book, Jonathan Lawson lends his considerable experience in helping young people to discern how God might be calling them to a direct form of Christian service. This is mostly about the vocation to be a priest, which for young people today may be neither obvious nor expected. He takes six well-known characters from the Old Testament, with stories that illustrate the variety of means by which God calls people to give back their lives to him. As further encouragement he tells several stories of his encounters with young people faced with a sign or hint that they may have a vocation. As he interprets the context, Jonathan explains the importance of their struggles, clarifying the way forward. He warns that it is not likely to be a comfortable journey, yet it is compelling.

Gordon Mursell’s ‘reflections’ on the biblical stories chosen add a depth of understanding to what was going on with Jacob and Jeremiah, with Moses and Mary in some superb Scriptural exposition. With his unbounded energy and drive Bishop Gordon suggests how these stories and ours are essentially one in substance or close enough to be of significant encouragement. A truly heartening read.

Damian SSF