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Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild: Rhythms of Remembering

Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild

Rhythms of Rembering: An Everyday Office Book

ISBN: 9780 281 07079 4

eBook ISBN: 9780 2810 7080 0

SPCK, 2013, 180pp, £9.99


Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild, with the help of SPCK, have provided the praying public with this splendid compilation, designed to meet the needs of those who value prayer and are aware of the need to anchor it during the day with something a bit more effective than a vague intention to ‘pray without ceasing’ as scripture commands.


Of course, there are already many condensed office books designed mainly for those already committed to the Divine Office, but who increasingly find themselves on the move and their existing arrangements too cumbersome. This book is not for them. There is also the ‘new monasticism’ – often of dispersed communities with an office of their own. This book is not for them – yet.


So, is there a market for Rhythms of Remembering? YES! All thoughtful, open minded people, perhaps not totally committed to a ‘church’ (and there is a lot to discourage the thoughtful and open minded from such commitment), who nonetheless would describe themselves as Christians and who value prayer, could do with a copy. They all have mornings, middays, evenings and nights, they can all find two minutes in which to drop the anchor, and they would all find in these pages sentences from scripture and from spiritual writers to nourish the inner life, to warm the heart, to act as the ship’s compass. It slips into even a small pocket without altering the contours of the clothing, and into any handbag!


BUT it does call for serious, old fashioned commitment. It cannot profitably be abandoned after the first taste or the first week. Give it a year, and then decide!

Anselm SSF