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Christine Valters Paintner: Lection Divine – The Sacred Art

Christine Valters Paintner

Lectio Divina: The Sacred Art

ISBN 9780 2810 6711 4

SPCK, 2012, 206pp, rrp approx £9.95

The author of this compact, informative and helpful book is a Benedictine oblate who lives and works in the USA, and whose activities are not confined to the writing of books. She is the leader of a virtual monastic community whose members have the benefit of a professionally organised website avail-able to anyone who searches for ‘Christine Valters Paintner’ on Google.

However, Lectio Divina stands on its own as a valuable guide to the practice of ‘the sacred art’ and is in three parts, each of four chapters. Part One begins the exploration, Part Two introduces the four parts – Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio, Contemplatio – Part Three (Reading the World) applies the technique to images, sounds, nature, experience. Each chapter concludes with suggestions for practical exercises.

Paintner does for Benedictine and western tradition, what Antony de Mello did for the Ignatian and eastern tradition in the experience of many Christians.

Anselm SSF