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Audio Franciscan September 2014


The European Union and state sovereignty – Brian Wicker [n.b. the article begins about 2 minutes into the MP3]

Reconciliation: the on-going work of Europe – Tom Keighley TSSF

Debt crisis or identity crisis? What happened to the European project? – Robert n/SSF

An inside perspective on Sweden – David n/SSF


Book Reviews

To listen to the book reviews below click here.

John Dominic Crossan – The Greatest Prayer. Rediscovering the revolutionary message of the Lord’s Prayer.

Augustine Thompson O.P. – Francis of Assisi – a new Biography.

David Matzko McCarthy – Sharing God’s Good Company

Patricia Jordan FSM – Francis and Thérèse: Great ‘Little’ Saints

Richard Woods & Peter Tyler (Eds) – The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality

Frances Ward & Sarah Coakley (Eds) – Fear & Friendship – Anglicans engaging with Islam

Lucette Verboven (Ed) – The Dominican Way

Gianluigi Pasquale OFM Cap. (Ed) – Day by day with St Francis

Paul Murray O.P. – In the Grip of Light: The dark and bright journey of Christian contemplation.


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