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The Companions of the Society of Saint Francis are those who, in the course of their Christian journey, have met or heard of the Sisters and Brothers, and have a desire to accompany them in the way of Christian commitment.  While they do not wish, or are not in a position to live a life in community, Companions wish to support those who have been called to this way of life.

A COMPANION IS ONE WHO PRAYS:   Companions are encouraged to deepen their spiritual life through prayer and meditation.  Prayer is the chief means by which they journey with the Sisters and Brothers, for it is out of their regular prayer that the Society gains much strength.

A COMPANION IS ONE WHO SERVES:   Companions are encouraged to take part in active service for those in need.  In some areas Companions meet together for fellowship, prayer and mutual support.

A COMPANION IS ONE WHO SEEKS:  Companions are encouraged to read and study the scriptures and to deepen their spiritual life through reading and studying.   Companions are asked to pray regularly for the Society of Saint Francis and to support its life and work through almsgiving.   Companions are asked to aim at simplicity of life, avoiding all waste and extravagance. Companions are asked to help those in need. Companions are asked to strive to bring others to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

Companions are encouraged to subscribe to the ‘franciscan’ and to receive the accompanying world wide Intercession List of Brothers and Sisters and their engagements.

Information about becoming a Companion can be obtained from the Secretary to the Companions of St Francis, Br Jason SSF, The Friary of St Francis, Alnmouth, Northumberland, NE66 3NJ, telephone 01665 830213, email:

The Companions leaflet can be downloaded here