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There will be an opportunity to Gift Aid your donation, and/or to direct your gift to the brothers, or sisters or a particular house, after you have completed the final page on PayPal (PayPal account not required).

What next?

What to do if you think you may be called to join us in the First Order…

Basic Requirements:
Aged between 21 – 45 (for women seeking to join CSF there may be some scope for negotiation if you are over 45; please contact the novice guardian to find out more).
Reasonably fit, both physically and psychologically
Single, with no dependent children
Free of debt apart from student loans
A member of a church in the Anglican Communion (e.g. Church of England; Scottish Episcopal Church; Church of Ireland; Church in Wales)

If this doesn’t sound like you, there are other ways of being Franciscan

The process of Discernment is a two-way process, at the heart of which is prayer – are the Franciscans right for you – and are you right for the Franciscans? It is a process that continues throughout the various stages of exploration and continues until Life Profession – anything between seven and eleven years later.

Visiting different religious houses is a good place to start, to begin to familiarise yourself with the people who are actually living out a religious vocation. As you feel drawn to a particular community you need to begin to talk to the person responsible for vocations within that community. For the Franciscan order that is the Novice Guardian for either the brothers or the sisters.
Talk to someone who knows you really well and who can pray with you for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Read some of the current information about the Franciscan Community in vocations leaflet.(opens a new window, PDF format).
Making an enquiry:
Contact the Novice Guardian of the Brothers of Sisters, preferably either by letter or email.

For the Brothers: Novice Guardian, The Friary of St Francis, Alnmouth, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 3NJ, Telephone: 01665 830213, email: noviceguardian*********

For the Sisters: Novice Guardian, Community of St Francis, St Matthews House, 25 Kamloops Crescent, Leicester, LE1 2HX, Telephone: 0116 2539158, email: noviceguardian**********

Making a Visit:
Check the availability of the Novice Guardian and arrange to come and stay. Contact details as above.

The Novice Guardian will guide you through this process.