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My name is Liz, an ordained priest and currently a sister with CSF at Metheringham in Lincolnshire.

So why am I here?
Well the ‘seed’ of Community has been around for some time. Over the years in times of quiet reflection I have felt God’s promise of a deeper and more intimate relationship with him, a constant searching and yearning. It was during the Life Profession Service of another sister, that I (rather alarmingly) felt an overwhelming sense of ‘belonging’ and knew that this was something that I needed to explore further. Drawn by the freedom, joy and spontaneity I had seen, I began to hear myself asking those unspoken questions, knowing in my depths that I had to step out in faith and trust (although I confess rather tentatively and not without much apprehension!). There was something about searching for a corporate rhythm, routine and discipline of life that was rooted in prayer, because I firmly believe that all that I do has to come from that solid foundation, from that centre of being in relationship with God, a relationship that is renewed daily in prayer, word and sacrament.

I have been in community now for 9 years and have recently made my Life – Profession. It has been a time of great change, transformation and revelation, of much emotional upheaval and turmoil but also a time of great liberation as the different aspects of my life begin to come together, like the pieces of a jigsaw. Each piece is being carefully refined and transformed as I am brought to a greater place of healing and wholeness in God’s love and as I begin to really discover the person God created me to be.

The move to Metheringham has provided the opportunity for both my vocations to come together as I serve as a priest in the local parishes from within the context of my religious life.

Sr Liz Officiating at a Wedding in the local parish of Blankney

Sr Liz Officiating at a Wedding in the local parish of Blankney