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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Br Cristian Michael and Sr Gina attend CIR gathering in Castellar Ring

Br Cristian Michael writes:

Br Aidan OSB with Br Cristian Michael SSF and Sr Gina CSF

I was very blessed to represent SSF at a Congress which took place at Schwanberg in a Bavarian Convent of Lutheran Benedictine Sisters. I traveled with Sister Gina CSF and Brother Aidan, a  Benedictine from Mucknell Abbey.  Our main topic was ‘How Religious life may contribute to the renewal of the Church’. Attending were a mix of Brothers and Sisters from different communities and denominations – Anglicans, Catholics, Lutherans and Orthodox, Benedictines, Franciscans,Chemin Neuf, and Dominicans. The presence of mixed languages made it very interesting (English, French, Italian, German and Norwegian).  Father Nicholas CR and his team did a wonderful  job planning our daily program: we had time to socialize, meet and discuss, and join in the daily prayer life with the Sisters there. We also had a free day at Würzburg, a beautiful town with a lot of history and also many memories of suffering and loss of life.  This town was nearly destroyed in the Second World War, which led us to prayers for peace in the world and unity. We met two or three times a day in our language groups to discuss our topics, and they were many: Ignatius and Luther-discovery of a spiritual relationship; the consecrated life’s contribution to the Catholic Church; devotional talks by Sisters Gina CSF, Ruth CCR, and Paula OSB; a talk from an Anglican perspective; and many more. As a whole it was a rich and

Sr Gina CSF addressing the Conference

blessed meeting full of new and promising views and advice that the Brothers and Sisters shared, so we can contribute each one of us in our tradition as Religious members in our communities, for a revival and renewal of the Church worldwide. Being there and seeing all the Brothers and Sisters together in a spiritual network and being united in an internal relationship surrounded by prayer is what strengthened us, bonding us in Christ and as God’s people. After all what we all seek is to be good servants and work for God’s Kingdom and his people wherever they may be in this world, with no hesitation whatsoever, and always to seek and find common ground and unity. I came back with a heart full of joy and hope for the future, and also with new friendships with the Brothers and Sisters who were present there. May God bless us and watch over us in all we do to make this world a better place for the future generations to come.


Sr Gina with Br Jacob CR

Sr Gina with other participants