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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Please Pray for the People of GUMI, South Korea

Gumi in South Korea, home to CSF Sisters Frances and Jemma, has been designated a special disaster zone by the government of Korea, following the leak of 8 tons of hydrofluoric acid, an acute poison, on 27th September. There is a 3 km wide exclusion zone, but the sisters live 14 km away from the site of the leak, so they are not directly affected. The sisters ask us to share their prayers for those injured, and for the animal and plant life affected, and for the authorities managing the crisis. Please pray too for the sisters and other Christians ministering in the area as they continue to trust in God, and offer pastoral care to those around them, as the effects of the accident continue to be felt for several years.


ARC Conference – October 2012

Sr Maureen CSF writes:

Christine James, Beverley and myself were among the dozen or so sisters and brothers who gathered for the Anglican Religious Communities conference at West Wickham over a weekend in October. It was good to be able to renew friendships, catch up with developments in one another’s community and to share our vision of religious life. Tessa and Mark Holland were the guest speakers on the Saturday, as we discussed “new monasticism” and experienced something of the ethos of Contemplative Fire, a dispersed Christian community.


Sr Beverely CSF & Sr Christine James CSF with other religious at the Conference

Mark Holland, the speaker, talking with Sr Barbara OSB & Sr Christine James CSF

Withdrawn from the Noviciate

Catherine Wood (former Sr Catherine Iona) has withdrawn from the noviciate to explore a possible vocation to a life of more solitude and silence.  We pray for her as she takes this step and as she continues the process of discernment.