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Sisters Meeting 2013

The annual gathering of CSF sisters in the European Province took place at Hilfield Friary over the weekend of 28 February – 3 March. Part of an afternoon was spent under the tutelage of Jonathan Herbert of the Hilfield Community, who encouraged us to do some ‘weaving’ with unusual fibres – twigs, palm leaves, reeds, bamboo, synthetic twine, and strips of cloth. In the pictures, Phyllis, Chris and Sue are busy with their weaving frames; Liz and Jannafer display their finished or part-finished products.

Phyll, Chris and Sue weaving

Jann displaying weaving

Liz with weaving side on-crop







During a discussion: Christine James, Beverley, Gina and Jannafer. The daffodils were presented to Beverley on the morning of St David’s Day.

Chris J, Bev, Gina, Jann and daffodils