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Hilfield Programme of days and courses for 2014

The hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914, has prompted us to focus our attention this year on the causes of war and on our Franciscan vocation to become ‘instruments of peace’.  A number of the courses or retreats that we are offering address these issues directly. Paul Rose, Director of CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service), will be leading a weekend in February on working for peace in and through small local projects.  In May, Andy Lester, the Conservation Director of A Rocha, will be exploring with us how the environmental crises around the world are also a significant cause of conflict and war.  In the autumn we’ll be looking at the pressures which lead people to seek sanctuary and a better future in other parts of the world, and we’ll be considering how we respond to that.  Sir Mike Aaronson, Director of the Centre of International Intervention at Surrey University, will be leading a weekend  ‘Do we need War Anymore?  Dr Chris Hewer will repeating his inspiring course, ‘Understanding Islam’, and the Hilfield Community will be running a weekend looking at issues around food, its production, control and consumption, which often lead to conflict in our world today.  As usual we will be exploring the year’s theme, not just through talks and discussion, but also through music, poetry, craft and dance and there are days or weekends devoted to these. The details of the programme and how to book a place will be on the Hilfield website shortly;