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Franciscan – May 2017



Minister’s Letter

Theme Prayer

Community Routes



God, Ceasar and money – Symon Hill

Socialism’s Christian heritage – Tobias Phibbs

Franciscan Socialism – Robert SSF

Small Socialism – Miriam Skinner

A revolution of the heart – Nora Ziegler

L’Arche, Canterbury – Micael Christoffer SSF

‘What’s love got to of with it?’ – Clark Berge SSF


Book Reviews

The way of Christ-likeness: Being Transformed by the Liturgies of Lent, Holy Week and Easter – Michael Perham

On Augustine – Rowan Williams

Seeking Surrender: How my friendship with a Trappist Monk taught me to trust and embrace life – Colette Lafia

Dethroning Mammon: making money serve grace – Justin Welby

Last Testament – in his own words – Benedict XVI (with Peter Seewald)

How shall we live? Christian engagement with Contemporary Issues – Samuel Wells

Graced Life – The Writings of John Hughes – Matthew Bullimore (Ed.)