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Franciscan – January 2017



Minister’s Letter

Theme Prayer

Community Routes



Francis, politics and urban mission – David Walker TSSF

‘Rebuild my Church’ – Gordon Dey

Franciscan Evangelism: to care for the planet – Frances Teresa Downing OSC

Mission and evangelism in SSF – David SSF

Donald SSF

Focus on Newcastle

Whatever happened to Br Giles? – Petà Dunstan

Book Reviews

Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life – Rowan Williams

Life in the Psalms: Contemporary meaning in Ancient Texts – Patrick Woodhouse

Christians, Muslims and Jesus – Mona Siddiqui

The Establishment. And how the get away with it – Owen Jones

Pilgrimage of Awakening: The extraordinary lives of Murray and Mary Rogers – Mary VT Cattan

Thinking Biblically about Islam – Ida Glaser and Hannah Jay