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Journeying with Luke, Lectionary Year C: James Woodward, Paula Gooder and Mark Pryce

James Woodward, Paula Gooder and Mark Pryce

Journeying with Luke, Lectionary Year C

ISBN: 9780 2810 5902 7

SPCK, London, 2012, 102 pp, £9.99

The second in a series of three books by this group of authors, designed to assist reflection on the Sunday lectionary (Journeying with Mark having been published in 2011), it is described in the introduction as ‘a short resource for Christians so that the Gospel narrative might be explained, illuminated and interpreted for discipleship and service’.  The background information about Luke, why he might have written the gospel, and discussion on the key characteristics of it, are given in the Introduction.  Six chapters then give insights into the readings for Year C in each of the main seasons of the church’s year, not as a detailed commentary but with a sense of the critical elements in Luke’s telling of the story. The final two chapters select a couple of Sunday readings in Ordinary time, as examples of how the text might be worked with.

Each chapter has four parts: a section ‘exploring the text’, which gives some information on Luke’s narrative and connects it with the season; ‘imagining the text’ which is a poem or piece of imaginative writing from the perspective of a character in the gospel, or a modern-day re-working of the story; ‘reflecting on the text’, which makes more connections with our life today; and finally some suggestions for ‘action, conversation, questions, prayer’ prompt personal connections between faith and experience.  The book encourages the reader to be faithful to Luke’s text and also to be faith-full, using the material provided as a model to do one’s own work on the rest of the Sundays of the year.  The book will be a valuable resource for preachers, home group leaders and those who want to be more engaged with the Sunday sermon.

 Maureen CSF